GW GAP Insurance (also known as guaranteed asset protection)
    helps to bridge the gap between the settlement amount from your
    insurer and the original price of your car or the outstanding finance
    so you can buy a new car. There are several options to choose from
    and your dealer can help you select one
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We deal with every detail

Who better than GW to Protect your car ? Trust us to get it right. Our protection, benefits and service are every bit as good as our reputation. Detail is what we do best.

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    If your vehicle is declared a total loss as a result of an accident, theft, fire or flood, there is a risk that your motor
    insurance settlement may not completely pay off the outstanding finance owned on the vehicle, leaving you with the balance
    to pay off for a vehicle you no longer have. Finance GAP pays the difference between the motor insurer settlement and
    the outstanding finance on the vehicle.
No financial stress with GAP Insurance

Financial GAP insurance program is designed to meet customer’s financial loss incurred as a result of vehicle being declared a total loss by the comprehensive motor vehicle insurer where pay-out is not sufficient to discharge the finance contract.