Replacement v Cars. Delivered To You For Free.

Operating in all road

Replacement when you need

In case of an unfortunate accident, we won’t leave you alone on the road wondering how to go about doing what you came to do originally. We will provide a replacement car for you so there will be minimum disruption to your work while your car is being fixed and the situation resolved.

Additional Advantages

Gasoline Service: The Company will ensure that enough fuel reaches you to get the nearest petrol station, the car should be on the road and the client will pay only the cost of fuel.

Battery Service: The Company will help the customer to start the car in case of battery failure.

Flat Tire Service: The Company will help customer to change the flat tire. (Note: Spare tire in the car is a must)

Mechanical First Aid: The Company will provide on road pre mechanical treatment in case of break down for the customer to reach the nearest garage.

Lockout Service: The Company will help the vehicle owner only to open the locked car. Note: the client should provide the proof of ownership before doing the service to our representative)

Towing Service: The Company will tow the covered car to the nearest garage in case of mechanical or electrical breakdown.

Accident Towing: In case of accident we tow the involved car 1 time only to the insurance company garage.

Enjoy a replacement vehicle while having your car repaired


This product provides you with a replacement vehicle within the geographical limits following an insured incident occurring during the period of insurance. You will be provided with the replacement vehicle for up to 21 days depending on the level of cover that you have selected.