When Riding your bike, whether it’s a short trip across town or an epic tour, nothing should distract you from enjoying the ride. Especially the unexpected mechanical or electrical failure. The Rider Assist category came from listening to our existing auto warranties clients, asking us for something similar to cover their motorcycle. We listened to our clients and evolved the concept to cover new and used motorcycles



It is simply an extension of your motorcycle Manufacturer Warranty. Available also for Used motorcylce up to five years old, either to extend the remaining Manufacturer Warranty, or for Motorcycle with no warranty remaining


We Didn’t stop there -Knowing the spirit of a rider- and to make your experience as a rider complete without the worrying of breaking down in neighbor countries, we covered you in the GCC region and Jordan, adding also a Motorcycle Recovery on all policies as additional benefit


To make things even simpler and straightforward, our coverage is serviced by our local offices in each country you if the unforeseen happened, you only have to contact or local office in the country you are in.


Our line of policies is very comprehensive with coverage to suit all budgets and Motorcycles up to 5 years old.


We invite you to Ride worry-free and Don’t let expensive repair bills come between you and the open road! knowing you’re covered with our Extended Service Plans


For more information, simply click on the "quote" button or contact your local authorized dealer