Replacement Vehicle

Replacement Vehicle

Free Vehicle Replacement In Case Of an Unfortunate Accident- Obtain Your Comprehensive Plan Today And Benefit from Our Premium Services. Rest assured, we have got you covered when your vehicle breaks down

We deliver a free replacement vehicle when you think your vehicle needs repairs.

We value our customers time and comfort, which is why we provide you a replacement vehicle free of charge when you meet with an unfortunate accident. Our priority is facilitating our customers so their work is not disrupted. Our services will keep you moving when your vehicle breaks down.


Additional Advantages

Our services are designed to facilitate our customers in every situation; here are a few additional advantages of availing our plans:

Gasoline Service: Missed out on refueling? We provide free gasoline service when you run out of fuel, you only pay the fuel cost

Battery Service: In the case of a battery failure, we will provide you free jumpstart service.

Flat Tire Service: We assist you in changing a flat tire; must have a spare tire in the vehicle.

Mechanical First Aid: In the case of vehicle breakdown, our engineers will provide you with first aid mechanical support so you can reach the nearest garage.

Lockout Service: In case you are locked out of your car, we will assist you with the unlocking. The owner of the vehicle must be present at the site and show proof of ownership to our representative.

Towing Service: In the case of an electrical or mechanical breakdown, we will tow your vehicle to the nearest garage available for free.

Accident Towing: In the case of an accident, we will tow your damaged vehicle to the insurance company garage, once during the policy coverage period.



Our free replacement vehicle policy is applicable for all our plans. We provide replacement vehicles to facilitate our customers when they are stranded due to dire situations. Our customers can avail free replacement vehicle service for up to 21 days depending on their selected policy.

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