GAP Insurance

GAP Insurance

Our products and services are designed to facilitate our customers and offer them a worry-free insurance plan, which accounts for all misfortunes. Gulf Warranties offers an exclusive service, which is known as GAP Insurance to safeguard the liabilities of our customers, in the case of an unfortunate accident. We strive to keep our customers financially secure; GAP insurance will help you cover your financial liabilities that may be outstanding on your vehicle in case of an ill-fated accident.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance by Gulf Warranties will help our customers lessen the financial burden in case of total loss. Mostly, when a vehicle is totaled, the payment received from the insurance company may not be sufficient to settle the outstanding finance on the vehicle or buy a new car. Gulf Warranties GAP insurance will secure the customer’s financial interest by acting as a bridge between the settlement gap. Our GAP insurance plan has a variety of options to provide a cover as per your requirements. Click Here to Learn more or get your Free Quote today.


Manage your Financial Stress with GAP Insurance

With our financial GAP insurance program, you will be able to manage the financial loss in case your vehicle is declared a total loss by the motor vehicle insurer. The payout in total loss cases is not sufficient to pay off the outstanding loan amount on the vehicle, which is why GAP insurance will provide the required financial aid to settle the loan or provide financial assistance in purchasing a new vehicle.


Dealing with detailing is our passion

At Gulf Warranties, our benefits and services help protect our customers in every situation as we pay great attention to detail. Our plans accommodate and prepare you for any contingency that may arise in future. Who else can protect your vehicle the way we do?


GAP Insurance

Since most vehicles are acquired via financing options, a vehicle which is declared totaled by the insurance company because of accident, theft, fire, or flood, can burden the owner financially. Since it is likely that the insurance payment will not suffice to settle financial loans, GAP insurance offers security by offering to pay the difference between the insurer’s settlement and outstanding finance on the vehicle. GAP insurance provides financial security to our customers in case of total loss.