Insurance Services

Insurance Services

Our comprehensive insurance plan comes with helpful features that will facilitate our customers in dire situations for free.WHEN YOU NEED HELP, WE WILL COME TO YOUR RESCUE. Get comprehensive roadside assistance covering a range of services across the country.

Towing Service

Towing service, for up to 10 miles, free of charge. We will tow your vehicle to the nearest garage available for free.


Fuel Delivery

Missed out on refueling? We provide gasoline service and will deliver up to three gallons of gas or diesel when you run out of fuel free of charge, you only pay the fuel cost.


Battery Service

In the case of a battery failure, we will provide you free jumpstart service when you need it.


Flat Tire Service

Remove your flat tire and replace it with a spare tire; we assist you in changing a flat tire, but you must have a spare tire in the vehicle.



In case you find your car stuck in a tough spot, we will assist you and help you get it out.


Text Alerts

When you need our help, we respond quickly and keep you updated via text alerts on estimated time of arrival.


Lockout Service

In case you are locked out of your car, we will assist you with unlocking. The owner of the vehicle must be present at the site and show proof of ownership to our representative.