Marine Warranty

Marine Warranty

To any customer, a boat / yacht/ jet ski…etc. is an investment, help them protect it while increasing your profits for every sale. Marine Vehicle Program Solutions are very much customizable in a way that can specifically fit your distribution and/or retail sale(s) and can cover anything such as a standard cover & elite cover to ancillary services and programs.

You and your customers deserve peace of mind via providing better coverage terms, why should a customer opt-in the program, you may ask, it is that simple:-

a- Customer enjoys peace of mind knowing there is a longer period of cover for his marine vehicle.

b- Customer saves thousands of dollars against repairs due to unexpected failure or accident.

c- Customer saves a lot of time as there is no need to postpone repairs due to high and unforeseen repair costs.

d- Customer maintains a higher resale value for the purchased marine vehicle.

e- Customer comes back to you for a new purchase.

f-  Give your customers peace of mind while growing your business.

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