Roadside Assistance


While you can’t be sure what’s around the corner, you can drive confidently, knowing that our Roadside Assistance is on hand if you need help.

What is Road Side assistance?

Think of our Roadside Assistance as a 24/7 days a week protection service, that helps you when your vehicle breaks down. It means that professional help is just a phone call or one click away when you face the unforeseen on the road.

At Gulf Warranties Roadside Assistance, we worked hard to help you manage the unforeseen that might face you while traveling on the road.


If you’ve run out of fuel, Roadside Assistance will deliver enough to get you to the nearest petrol station. you only pay the fuel cost


Car batteries have an annoying habit of dying at the most inconvenient moments. we will provide you free jumpstart service


There are all sorts of situations in which you might need help to change a flat tire. These can include safety reasons, physical incapacity, or lack of experience. We assist you in changing a flat tire; must have a spare tire in the vehicle


There was a time when you could perform a fair amount of DIY work on a vehicle when it broke down. Today’s more complex engine and electronic systems mean that it’s often better to call in a professional to assess the problem.

our engineers will have a look at your vehicle and, where possible, make minor repairs. They can help jump-start your vehicle, replace fuses, repair damaged hose fittings, fit a new drive belt and perform other basic fixes. If the problem is more serious, they’ll organize a tow.


This Service is designed to assist you unlocking your vehicle. The owner of the vehicle must be present at the site and show proof of ownership to our representative


In the case of an electrical or mechanical breakdown, we will tow your vehicle to the nearest garage available for free.


In the case of an accident, we will tow your damaged vehicle to the insurance company garage, once during the policy coverage period.

At Gulf Warranties We Got You Covered

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