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Authorized Repairer

The supplying dealer or branch of the manufacturer that sold the vehicle or a repairer approved by the company.

Authorized Repairer

The supplying dealer or branch of the manufacturer that sold the vehicle or a repairer approved by the company.

Cover Provided

The company will indemnify the insured against loss, for both parts and labour, due to a mechanical or electrical breakdown of the components specifically covered, occuring during the validity of this policy and within the territorial limits.

Current Total Premium

The price for warranty coverage as described in the warranty policy for a specific period of time/kms.

Mailing Address

This is listed on the policy as the address to which policy information should be mailed. This may not be the same address as the location the insured lives, but may be a P.O. Box or rural delivery route where mail is delivered.

Maximum Claim Liability

The company's liability to the insured is as stated on the proposal form/policy schedule.

Mechanical Or Electrical Breakdown   

The unserviceability of a covered component for a reason other than wear and tear or normal deterioration causing a sudden stoppage of its function.

Mechanical & Electrical Components Covered   

Unless otherwise specified, the indemnity granted by this section relates the costs necessarily incurred in the repairs to components as listed in the "Components Covered" page and upto the maximum liability has been accepted and approved by the company.

Policy Last Ammended   

The effective date of a policy change. This date may be the policy effective date, or it may be a date anytime during the Policy term.

Policy Number   

This is a number identifying the customer. Please keep this number handy to help speed your transactions with the Company.

Policy Term   

The length of time that the policy is in force.

Proposal Form / Policy Book   

This document specifies the policy forms which comprise your contract, and shows the coverage effective date, limits and premiums. Please refer to this document for an overview of your policy.

Temporary Address   

An address where the policy holder resides for six months of the year or less while maintaining a permanent residence elsewhere. Mail would be directed to this temporary address unless there is a different Mailing Address on the policy.

Territorial Limits   

Cover is restricted to United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain,Saudi Arabia and Qatar only.

The Insured   

The owner of the vehicle as named on the Proporsal Form/Policy Book, or such other subsequent owner to whom the benefits of the insurance is validly transferred.

The Vehicle   

The motor vehicle detailed in the Proposal Form/Policy Book.

The Company   

Oman Insurance Company PSC.

The Dealer   

The dealer from which the owner acquired the policy.
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